The Chances Are Series

Our Second Chance (Book One)

Emily Mills lives a life of opulence and luxury in Los Angeles but can’t shake the feeling that there is something more out there for her. It isn’t the picture perfect life her social circles expect and she knows something is missing.

Unwilling to let happiness be a distant wish, she boards a plane to chase her dreams of becoming a lawyer in New York City. It doesn’t take long for her past to reappear with her former best friend from college, Jake Bradford.

Knowing the feelings she’s held for Jake all these years, she still tries to convince herself that she isn’t worthy of any sort of love from him. Conceding to a fraction of her desire, Emily strikes a deal with Jake to become steamy friends with benefits. Soon her passionate bond with him turns out to be way more intense than she expects and she finds herself wishing her emotional scars didn’t rear their ugly head and destroy everything she’s worked for.

Can Emily forgive herself and those who had hurt her in the past to become the person she knows she can be? Or will the roadblocks in front of her cause her to make the decision to run like she’s been doing most of her life?

Book one of this thrilling new three-book series will leave you panting for more and cheering for second chances.

“We all have a best friend in life, that one person who lights up our days like they’re carrying rays of sunshine in their back pockets. Mine happened to be the guy I ended up falling for … Jake Bradford.”

Entertaining Erotica!!
A truly superb book. Creative and very detailed. Can not wait to read the other books in the series.

Amazon ReviewerAugust 11, 2014

Fun and Saucy Read That is Hard to Put Down
Emily, Jake and their second chance.
Emily has found herself stuck in a life she doesn’t want to live - residing in L.A., doing what her parents expect her to do. She makes the decision to take a big leap, move to the opposite coast, and pursue her dreams.
That’s when she runs into Jake, an old college friend. A friend who she always crushed over. A friend who never gave her so much as a glimpse of interest in that way.
This time, she wishes things could be different, but she still doesn’t feel she’s in his league, or that he would ever be up for becoming a one woman man.
Can Emily remain just friends with Jake? Will she declare all or nothing, or will she maintain the blurred lines of her and Jake’s relationship just to keep him close?
Our Second Chance by C.D. Taylor is a fast, fun and saucy read that is hard to put down. You spend every page guessing how Emily and Jake’s story will turn out.
You will fall in love with the well developed main characters. You will ride alongside them on their roller coaster journey and root for them to overcome issues that continue to get in the way.
I highly recommend.

Amazon ReviewerDecember 26, 2015