Magnolia Series

Split Ends (Book Two)

Biloxi Mississippi wasn’t where Cole Matthews expected to end up, but duty called and he answered. Life seemed to be going at a normal pace until a letter fell into his hands. One that would send him into a frenzied spiral, causing him to doubt the decisions he’d made years ago. Now Cole must choose between what he wants and what he needs.

Gracie Callahan made a choice at the age of 19. She told herself what she was doing was for the best. But now, twelve years later, she’s trapped in a decision that can only be undone by the signature of the man she pushed away years ago. Upon arrival in Mississippi, Gracie must decide between protecting someone she loves, taking back the life she once had, while still holding out hope that she might attain both.

“Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.

Cole and Gracie made some tough decisions at the young age of 19. Years later their worlds collide. These characters and story line pulled me in quickly and I couldn't put it down. Amazingly written, strong characters. A REAL MUST READ!!!

Amazon ReviewerMay 2016

I loved the progression of the master of why Gracie was...
Absolutely a page turner, I started this book and really did not want to put it down!! I loved the progression of the mystery of why Gracie was determined to get the signature she needed. The heat between Cole and Gracie was never ending, I enjoyed being able to follow Luke and Ava from the first book, keeping the original characters active in each book plus the addition of the new characters makes reading a series most enjoyable and impatient for the next book to be released!! Taylor Dawn does an excellent job of grabbing your attention from the first paragraph to the ending period. I am waiting impatiently for book 3!!!

Amazon ReviewerMay 31, 2016