Magnolia Series

Loose Ends (Book One)

Ava Greenwood never dreamed she’d be standing at the bus station in Chicago running away from the counterfeit life she’d thought was perfect. On a whim backed by fear, Ava chooses Biloxi Mississippi. Now, the sweet hairstylist must assume a new identity and hope her old life doesn’t catch up with her.

Luke Daughtry has been sent to track Ava down. He has one mission…find the petite blonde and make sure she doesn’t leave the Magnolia State…alive. Everything changes when sparks fly between the two and Luke has doubts about the job he’s been paid to do.

Follow Ava and Luke as they scorch the south and tie up loose ends, in this sweltering romantic suspense from International Bestselling Author, Taylor Dawn.

“He couldn’t be trusted if he was left alone with her. She was becoming the best kind of temptation and he wasn’t sure he could ignore it for too much longer. It wasn’t a matter of  IF something would happen, but  WHEN.”

I loved reading this book. It is an on the edge of your seat, not sure what is going to happen next book. I seriously could not put it down and was constantly saying, "Holy cow" through the whole book. The sweet parts are sweet and the steamy mixed with suspense and intrigue. 5-star read!

Goodreads ReviewerJanuary 10, 2016

Shattered Heart Can Mend
This is the first book by Taylor Dawn that I have had the pleasure and I mean pleasure of reading. She had me at the prologue. As I progressed through the book in my reading Ms Dawn drew me in further. Not only is this a love story it is also full of suspense. Not knowing until the end who was really the good guy and who was the bad guy kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved this book and highly recommend this read.

Amazon ReviewerFebruary 8, 2016