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New Release: Nagant Wars-The Pawn’s Dilemma by Jayden Hunter

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Nagant Wars: The Pawn’s Dilemma

Jayden Hunter

Nagant Wars -v3





When Rhith Corp releases Nagant Wars, its latest VR-MMO, Dale Brown cannot wait to put on his Rhith-Suit and experience the most vivid, full-immersion world ever created.

With pleasure and pain set to mimic reality, Dale must navigate the dangers of war, face his personal failings, and learn who his friends truly are.

Set on the planet Almaach, the swords and sorcery aspect of the game is starkly contrasted to the potential dystopian nature of Dale’s real life, which in 2040, contains the ever-increasing chance of global disaster.


A bit about LitRPG (which sells under cyberpunk on Amazon):

The exciting new sub-genre LitRPG offers readers a glimpse into the future when the boundaries between reality and virtual worlds become so blurred that what is real and what is simulated will become increasingly difficult to comprehend.

Emotions are chemical reactions in the brain; does it matter whether they are induced by stimuli from a physical world or a virtual one?

Nagant Wars is a LitRPG novel which will appeal to fans of science-fiction fantasy who enjoy speculative world building, a broad cast of characters, and action-adventure; while also exploring questions about the nature of reality.


About the Author

Jayden Hunter is currently working in the exciting new genre LitRPG, a sci-fi/fantasy category that incorporates virtual reality with gaming elements.
He reads in a broad range of genres. Currently he has two psychological thrillers published and has a contemporary romance series in the works.
He is crazy over la más bella colombiana Lia, the inspiration behind Princess Talargo, one of the characters in the Nagant War series.
Writing and creating is both a passion and a compulsion.
Omitting needless words is still problematic for him, but he’s trying.


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