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Agent Ryan Madden always had a tough time fitting in at the Washington D.C. FBI field office. As the daughter of a fallen agent, Ryan had the determination to make her father proud and uphold his legacy. Unfortunately, her anger management issues and jagged demeanor caused more problems than she’d expected. Hoping to teach her a lesson, Ryan’s superiors sent her and her tacky pantsuits to the Biloxi, Mississippi field office for a change of scenery.
FBI agent Remington (Remy) Archer was anxious to meet his new partner…that was until she walked into his office. He’d been expecting a man, not a sexy female with bright hazel eyes and a trendy bobbed haircut. His instant attraction to Ryan was alarming but he was resolute in his decision to make things work. That
was until they were assigned their first case together. How was he supposed to go undercover at a BDSM club with a strong willed woman who refused to submit to anyone?
covert with Ryan and Remy as they brave the danger of the human trafficking and drug trade in the fourth installment of Taylor Dawn’s best-selling Magnolia Series.






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