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Coming Soon: Subject Verb Anthology (A different kind of anthology)

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In the coming weeks, Tiara Talk will be doing author spotlights for some talented authors who took part in a very different kind of anthology project. I happened to be one of those authors and let me say that the project was rather inspiring. The anthology was the brainchild of author Dane Cobain who, if you ask me, is one of the most talented individuals I know. Did I mention he is from the UK and has a super awesome accent? Yeah, that too. Dane assembled a list of authors whose backgrounds reach into genres such as poetry, horror, fantasy, romance and more. We are a mix of genres which makes this project fun and exciting. It also gives readers a chance to sample the work of a new to them author.


 2j0hvy9  The task was simple…sort of.     mission

Each author was to write a subject verb writing prompt and that prompt would get tossed into a hat and assigned to another author in the anthology. Then, the author would have to create a story based around that prompt. Seems simple, right? Not really! When you’re handed a sentence that a story must be based on, things can get tricky to say the least. As a romance writer, I felt like the odd man out. I was given a limit of 10,000 words or less and if you’ve ever had a limit such as this, you know it can stress you out beyond repair. Fortunately though, I am amazing at thinking on my feet. I created a steamy, fun story to add to the mix and I’m super happy with the results.


We had some great help too!


Dane somehow wrangled the awesome Pam Elise Harris to be our editor for this endeavor. If you’ve never had Pam as an editor, then let me tell you a bit about her. Is she tough? Sure, all editors are. But Pam is one of the most talented and caring editors I know. She doesn’t just rip your work apart, she also gives you props on the things that you do well. This is a quality in an editor that I happen to adore. Pam was instrumental in making sure our stories were polished until they resembled a sparkling diamond. So a big thank you to her for the hard work.


Artist_oopsWhat about the cover?art-icon--hobbies-iconset--hadezign-7

Every book has to have a great cover. If you’ve ever taken part in an anthology, you know that it’s rather hard to nail down a cover concept because of the vast array of stories inside the book. Dane contracted the always fabulous Stephanie Stacker to do the cover. Now, I don’t know if you know this or not, but Stephanie does all of my personal book covers. The cool thing about Steph is that she is self-taught and has an eye for design. I happen to love self-taught talent because I am one in the same. After showing some great samples, the cover was chosen and let me say, it is beautiful. A big thank you to Stephanie for taking on this project!



boy-311392_960_720 So, who all is involved?girl-holding-books

Oh, you want to know the authors? Well, I’ll list them here for you, but you should come back when we go live with their individual articles too!


Subject Verb Anthology Authors

Dane Cobain

Pam Elise Harris

Elieen Maksym

Clive Whitelock

James Torrance

Heba El-Husseini

Sharon Anderson

Michael Israel-Jarvis

Amar Rana-Deshmukh

Taylor Dawn

Neil Denham

Chris Gower

Alex Kimmell

S.L. Stacker

Stevyn Colgan

J.G. Clay

J.C. Miller

Chico Kidd

Oli Jacobs

Dani Brown

Saul P. Tiler

Stay tuned for more on the Subject Verb Anthology!


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