Meet Taylor Dawn

Who am I? Ooooh that’s a tough question! I could get all philosophical on you but some of you have kids to pick up from school and shows to watch. I’m known by two names in the amazing world of books…Previously as C.D. Taylor and going forward Taylor Dawn. I love to write spicy romance that will have you reaching for the nearest glass of iced water or a cold shower. I also pen Urban Fantasy (for all ages) that will take you on an adventure of a lifetime and of course coming soon is my new Rom Com.

Writing for me is simply fun. Escaping reality to create my own world is second to none in my opinion. I’m originally from the Buckeye state (Ohio) and later moved to Illinois with my parents. I currently reside on a slice of heaven in the form of a farm, thus the reason you’ll hear me refer to my style as ‘country glamour’. I can either dress up and be fancy or throw on some boots and get my hands dirty. I have several dogs, chickens, one duck (yes, just one). I love my quiet country life, but also enjoy escaping to the city for short periods of time.

Most people think my life is exciting but I assure you, I’m a normal human being who just loves to write.

The biggest advice I could ever give to anyone is to just be yourself.


“Don’t ever try to fit into a mold,
break the damned thing!”cropped-TDicon-01-1.png