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Welcome to the castle of International Bestselling Author, Taylor Dawn

(formerly writing under the pen name C.D. Taylor).

Taylor Dawn is a writer of many genres with the main focus being Sexy Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance and Urban Fantasy. With five books under her belt, including the Bestselling Fantasy Novel, Saving London, Taylor spends her time exercising her creative prowess by dreaming up new stories to share with the world.

Princess Press

Taylor is also the founder of her own publishing label, Princess Press, which will eventually expand to accept other indie authors and their works. The belief at Princess Press is that authors in the Indie book community should ban together and create a tight knit group to support each other. It will be an opportunity for those seeking a publishing label to expand their horizons and audience for their talent without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned for more to come from Princess Press and Taylor Dawn!

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